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The universal, geometric patterns of the hangers and shelves in the Stiga series will fit perfectly in even the most demanding interior. Simple, elegant yet casual – discover it for yourself and pick the size and configuration that best suit your needs.

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Unity, timelessness, infinity. The hangers and shelves from the Holo series are a tribute to the circle – the simplest and at the same time the most profound of geometric figures. The products from this series are a timeless decoration for every space.

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It’s the love for patterns that brought us here. Husk is the gentlest of our series. Soft lines without any sharp edges – a perfect fit for warm, cozy interiors. Let the hangers and shelves from the Husk series become a part of your home and allow it to become even more beautiful.

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Beauty, purity, perfection. Symbolizing rebirth and the triumph of perseverance, the lotus flower blooms naturally from the deepest and thickest mud. Discover the Lotos hangers and bring harmony and balance to your home.

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For bicycles

When your bike is a piece of art use it as a decoration! LOFOTY by Polyhedra bike hangers enables you to keep your wheels close to you by transforming them into a part of interior design.

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"Everything you can imagine is real" - Picasso